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Compact and portable, the EcoFlow RIVER series is an ideal recreational power that provides you the accessibility to handy wall outlets. The RIVER 600 PRO is the perfect companion for camping, over-landing, vanlife, boating, home backup etc. Attach and detach the Extra Battery to meet your needs. The River Pro + extra battery tops out the range offering almost 1.5kWh (1440Wh) of usable capacity!

  • 7.6kg lightweight and portable power station; 
  • Fast AC recharge within 1.6 hours; 
  • Handy Control with EcoFlow App; 
  • AUS sockets and standards passed EMC | AU/NZS 62368-1 (2018) | RCM

Choose River PRO+ Extra Battery Bundle = Total Capacity 1440Wh!

Bundle Deal with our new CPP 120W Lightweight Solar Panel or the New Ecoflow 220W Folding Panel

Not sure whether you're best suited to the River Pro or Bluetti EB70? We've done the legwork for you! Click here


1. X-Boost Smart Algorithm: With the full sine wave AC output of 600W (up to 1800W when the X-Boost mode is on), the RIVER can power most kitchen appliances and tools. It's recommended to use X-Boost for devices within 1200W for better using experience. With the APP, you can upgrade to the latest firmware to enjoy the best performance of X-Boost mode. The RIVER will give you the freedom to enjoy AC outlets everywhere in the house, or at your outdoorsy adventures.

2. Faster Recharging Speed: The EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology redefines the power station’s speed of chargeability, eliminating the bulky adapters. With the built-in smart inverter, RIVER delivers a fast recharging performance. Only need to plug into a regular wall outlet for 1.6 hours, you will have a 100% charged unit.

3. Modular Power That Grows: With the modular design and the Extra Battery, you can easily expand the capacity of RIVER Pro from 720Wh to 1440Wh.
RIVER: Lightweight and portable, perfect for a weekend trip or tailgating events;
RIVER + Extra Battery: Compact and reliable for outdoor adventures or RV/van usage.  

4. Replaces your gas generator: Whenever you want to go camping, over-landing, tailgating, boating or just to have a backyard gathering, the RIVER is the perfect companion for 80% of the essential appliances and devices you need. For heavy-duty devices, it is recommended to conduct a full test before using.

5. Very Capable Solar Charging: The smart MPPT inside of the RIVER enables it to recharge quickly through the solar power at a 200W maximum loading scale. With our 200W solar panels (IP67 waterproof) connected in parallel under a direct, perfect sunlight condition, the RIVER can be fully charged from in 3-4 hours, giving you the freedom to enjoy clean, sustainable power (Max 24v or 10Amps / Max 400w).

6. Super Fast AC Charging: The EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology redefines the power station’s speed of chargeability, eliminating the bulky adapters. With the built-in smart inverter, RIVER delivers a fast recharging performance. Only need to plug into a regular wall outlet for 1.6 hours, you will have a 100% charged unit.

7.Power Multiple Devices: The RIVER fits many types of the ports you’ll need to charge all your devices. The 100W USB-C is perfect for charging laptops while the full sine wave AC outlets give you more flexibility in charging heavy duty devices. With the informative EcoFlow APP, you can control and monitor the unit on your hands.

8.NO GAS: Emits no pollution and no noise. Use RIVER indoors, even in your living room around kids and pets.

8.Informative LED screen: displaying watt input/output and remaining time and safety protection warnings.

What an the RIVER Pro Solar Generator do?

The River is perfect for a weekend trip or as a home backup system. With its super fast recharge time, you can top up the River before you take off on your weekend trip or you can leave it plugged in at the house to keep your most important things running during a power outage.

  • Light (10W) 30+ Hours
  • Coffee Maker 20+ Cups
  • Household Fridge 6+ Hours
  • Circular Saw 1+ Hours
  • Laptop 15+ Recharges
  • CPAP Machine 15+ Hours


  • 1 x Ecoflow River Pro
  • 1 x 1.5m AC Standard Wall Charger
  • 1 x 1.5m MC4 to XT60 Solar Charge Cable
  • 1 x Car Charger -12V to XT60 cable
  • 1 x  Set up / User Manual
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty accessible in Australia
  • Lowest Australian Retail Price Guarantee
  • Customer Support based in Australia

EcoFlow River Pro Specs (w/o extra battery):

  • Model: River 
  • Weight: 7.6kg
  • Dimensions: 28.9 x 18.4 x 23.5 cm
  • Normal Use Temperature: -20-45 degrees Celsius
  • Capacity: 720Wh (28.8v)
  • Chemistry: Lithium-Ion
  • Shelf Life: 1 year after charging
  • Cycles: 800 + to 80% capacity
  • Protections: BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, 
    Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection                                          
    Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection,   
    Overcurrent Protection

EcoFlow River Inputs:

  • AC Charge Input Power: X-STREAM Charge 250W max
  • AC Charge Input Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Solar Charge Input: 200W 10-25V 12A max
  • Car Charge Input: 12V/24V 10A max
  • Full Recharge Time: 1.6 hours (AC), 3 hours (Car DC) 4-5 hours (200w solar)

EcoFlow River Outputs:

  • AC Output (x2): Full Sine Wave, 600W(Surge 1200W), 230V 50Hz.
  • USB-A Output (x2): 12W per port, 5V 2.4A max
  • USB-A Fast Charge (x1): 28W per port, 12V 2.4A max
  • USB-C Output (x1): 100W max, 5,9,12,15,20V 5A max
  • Car Power Output: 136W, 13.6V regulated 10A max
  • DC5221 Output (x2): 3.6v DC, 3a Max per port


Because the AC outlets of the device are in a double blade, ungrounded configuration, it is recommended to use the UPS function of the device for temporary emergency use only. 


DO NOT use electric devices with bare metal when charging to avoid the risk of electric shock. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David B
Long live remote power

When I bought this I knew it was going to be overkill, just didn't know how much, but, I won't ever have to be worried about being short of power during a night of astrophotography again. Lots of backup and reserve power, all ready to start again with an hour and a half of charging

Fred 182
Keurig Coffee Maker Success!

Lots of smart people have not been able to guarantee that their 2000 watt inverters would work with a Keurig Coffee Maker. I am proud to say that my Ecoflow River Pro will make coffee with the Keurig K-Mini Plus. It takes a bit longer than plugged into my kitchen, but it works by the camp fire. I'll load a couple of photos. It spikes to about 1400 watts long enough to initialize the water heater. Then drops to 600w (max for the EcoFlow) while heating, then to a couple of watts while serving. It also is important to note that it takes 3% of the battery to make a 10-oz cup of coffee.

Richlin Films
Amazing little powerhouse.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by this product. Able to handle any kitchen appliance I threw at it with no problem. Charges quickly and easily. Very easy to monitor either by the display on the unit or on my cellphone app. Highly recommend the River Pro.

David Wilkie
Works Great

I looked around for a battery station. I kept coming back to Ecoflow. I purchased the River pro. Everything works and I really like the quality. The app is nice too. I definitely recommend. You won't be disappointed.

Super Happy with my EcoFlow River Pro.

I am very happy that I found this power station. I've been looking at the various brands for months and when I stumbled upon EcoFlow and their super-fast recharge rate I knew this was the one for me.