About Us


Clean Portable Power (CPP) is a registered trading entity of Amptron Technology Group (ABN 50716464533). CPP supplies advanced portable power products and Lithium Power Solutions to Australians looking for affordable, efficient and sustainable off-grid power solutions.

With years of experience dealing in off-grid power solutions and technology integration, CPP saw the need for an Australian team of experts to provide high quality portable power solutions supported with Australian warranties.

CPP understands that portability is the key. The modern off-grid power user demands power solutions that will run their household devices, providing comfort, convenience and safety wherever they may go. Our power solutions can be used to meet recreational, business and emergency power needs. The high capability outputs and long run times of our power solutions show that our products are an investment in sustainability, safety and convenience.

Recent increases in restrictions on the usage of fuel generators in National Parks due to their fire risk and noise pollution has left off-grid users stuck with underwhelming options, such as underperforming battery based 12v solutions or implementing a heavy and expensive non-portable solution to provide off grid power. 

Recent breakthroughs in lithium battery technology has seen the availability of lithium battery/inverter-based portable power stations in Australia increasing. These battery-based solar rechargeable devices present a cost-effective alternative to provide both 240v and DC power outputs.  

Earlier battery/inverter based portable power offerings have generally been sold via eBay or other online stores without Australian warranties and regularly produce low power outputs, limited capacity and slow recharging times. As battery capacities increase, these offshore offerings have become increasingly heavy and therefore a far less portable power solution.  

This situation has recently changed with the advanced lithium Ion technology and power management control offered by the Ecoflow Delta units, offering both higher output and faster charging. Since launching the EcoFlow Delta units have been hugely popular across the world due to their cost effectiveness and far more flexible alternative for off-grid power. CPP have reviewed and tested the EcoFlow Delta units and are bringing this ground-breaking technology to the Australian market.

Clean Portable Power and the Amptron Technology Group is developing a multi-level range of portable power products, custom designed and tested to meet the needs of the Australian user. Our focus during 2024 will be to build out the product portfolio including:

  • Mid-Level 2kWh + -  Suitable for the general user who wants longer time between recharges (Special Model to meet the advanced needs of the Australian User)
  • Pro User 5kWh + - Suitable for the long-term traveller or trades professional that needs higher power outputs and longer run times (Under Development/Coming Soon)
  • Cable and Connector products to facilitate a variety of uses for the Portable Power Stations, Batteries and Solar Panels.
  • LiFePO4 and Li-Ion battery solutions which are long-lifecycle and complement our suite of portable products in van and off-grid scenarios.

Who can benefit from the Clean Portable Power Products?

Did you know that in a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year? 

Australia, as we all know, is a land of wide-open spaces with near endless stretches of stunning coastal ranges and countryside to explore. This endless opportunity for exploration however comes with the high likelihood that grid power is not always conveniently available, therefore the number of potential users of an affordable, reliable and efficient portable power solutions is growing every day:

We see portable power solutions being utilised by: 

  • Anyone needing to charge their mobile devices and computers where mains power is not readily available
  • Vehicle based camping travellers
  • Camper trailer owners
  • Caravan owners (Noting that the Delta can be used to supplement existing power systems - both battery and generator based)
  • Slide on camper owners
  • Touring campervans and van dwellers
  • Tradesmen wishing to keep their mobile devices and tool batteries charged, as well as using higher powered 240v corded tools
  • Photographers and Videographers charging equipment batteries and powering other on-location requirements such as lighting
  • Food Market Traders that want to power heating/cooling systems without using a generator
  • Off-grid Simple Cabin owners that can use the Delta as a standalone solution or as a supplement to already installed power systems
  • Households requiring backup power for emergency power outages (internet, lighting and refrigeration are key uses)
  • Australian’s looking for greener/quieter, non-fossil fuel powered energy solutions


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