Solar Recharging - Powering Off-Grid Home

Solar Recharging - Powering Off-Grid Home


Hawkesbury River NSW


Late April


Good solar access all day (8+ hours)!


The Delta is proving a great addition to the power system for our fully off grid home.

Usually we would use our Honda 2.0 Generator to take care of the 240v tasks like running the music system or the coffee machine. The Delta however is much more convenient, easy to use and just as powerful with its versatile 1800w output.

For DC loads like our LED lighting system we have a 12v AGM house battery and we have been able to keep this topped up by using the 12v DC output of the Delta - connected with clips to the house battery terminals.

When it comes to recharging the Delta this has proved to be  quite easy. We have a 300w folding solar panel - it’s made up of 4 panel sections. Each panel has a junction box with a positive and negative cable to which are attached MC4 connectors. These are then connected in a 2 Series 2 Parallel connection format using MC4 Branch connectors - meaning the voltage increases to 40v which means more watts from the Delta MPPT charge circuit. As you can see in direct sun this set up yields over 200w charging for the Delta for most of the day.


The great thing about this excellent charge rate is that we can run things during the day with out discharging the Delta - this is good for its internal battery and should help prolong its life.


While this is something we have done for our off grid house it could work equally as well for a caravan. Easy to set up, Easy to move and very effective.