Company - Southwest Saltwater
Occupation - Photographer, Videographer and Graphic Designer
Location - Dunsborough, Western Australia
Favourite CPP Product - Ecoflow River Pro

I have captured the beauty of Western Australia through image and video for over 15 years. During this time, I have sold hundreds of wall hung images to customers, been employed as a TV news camera-man, had worked featured in numerous publications including a front cover shot, and recently employed as a cinematographer for an up-coming Netflix wildlife documentary series.

Joel Nankivell


I have been an ambassador for Clean Portable Power for around 18 months now, and I currently have the Ecoflow River Max, Ecoflow River Pro with the Smart Extra Battery and the Ecoflow Delta accom-panied with the Ecoflow 110W solar panel and the CPP 120W folding solar panel. I can honestly say that these products have helped me capture so many amazing moments that would have otherwise been missed opportunities due to depleted camera batteries. Where I have found these to be significantly important is with drone shoots. My current drone, the DJI Mavic 3 has an approximate battery flight time of 30 minutes, of which I have 4 batteries. So this only gives me a maximum of 2 hours shooting unless I charge batteries, which in the past would present problems when out in the field. Since using Clean Portable Powers Ecoflow units, I am able to take the portable Ecoflow River Pro (or Max) with me on my hikes along remote beaches, and I am able to fly the drone without battery limitations as I can charge depleted batteries through the Ecoflow River Pro whilst flying and cycle batteries as needed.