Freedom in the SunCamper - Assisting a Suncamper RV in Achieving Off-Grid Stays

Freedom in the SunCamper - Assisting a Suncamper RV in Achieving Off-Grid Stays

“Freedom in the SunCamper”

Here’s an interesting story about Mike and his “SunCamper”. Mike contacted us to purchase a Delta 1600 with a special mission. Mike uses a Bipap machine to assist him with breathing during the night. Mike has been reluctant to stray from powered sites in Caravan parks in the past. This reluctance stemming from the limited free camping ability of the SunCampers 12v based electrical system to operate the Bipap and the other electrical demands of living offgrid .


Mike recently took a trip to Brunswick Heads and tells us now after using the Delta for a week. “I couldn't be happier, this Delta will give me the freedom to camp in locations without grid power”. Not only will Mike save on Caravan park fees, he now has the ability to free camp with confidence that his medical device will work when he needs it and for multiple nights.

Mike's Bipap machine is by Philips Respironcis and is the Auto SV Advance Model. We tested it and it uses 70w when activated and 12w on standby. Mike’s tests confirm the machine used an average of about 15% of the Delta 1600’s capacity during the course of an average 7 hour sleep. When Mike is using it to power the Bipap he plugs it into the 12v output and was very happy with the virtually silent performance of the Delta during the night.

Of course as an added bonus Mike can power a variety of other 240v appliances in his van. After a week with the Delta Mike had it all worked out. He tells us “I just use an extension lead to plug the Delta into the external AC shore power connection for the camper. Then I can power what’s needed inside the van” . For Mike's Suncamper this included the TV, the Microwave, the Jug, Toaster and Mini Fry. Mike even used it to recharge his Electric Toothbrush!!

Mike’s approach to recharging is to of course charge the Delta by regular grid power when available, but for multiple days Mike uses a solar panel and also has the option of recharging via the Campers cigarette lighter connection (engine running of course).

This kind of story is great to hear because with a portable device, Mike has greatly added to his comfort, enjoyment and safety while he is on the road enjoying all that Australia has to offer.