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Stack and store energy.

Available in two sizes, both 2 and 5kWh stack up to 3 for a capacity of up to 15kWh. Integrated BMS protects the batteries from operating beyond their capacity by monitoring temperature, voltage, and current, keeping your home and system safe. With built-in auto-heating, you can use the batteries safely in temperatures as low as -4°F.


What's Included:

1 x 2KWh LFP Battery
1 x LFP Battery Power Cable (1.5 metre / 5 feet)
1 x 2KWh LFP Battery Wall Mounting Clamp


Key Features

Heated Batteries

Our LFP batteries are auto-heating so you can even use them in cold climates without affecting their lifespan. Alternatively, manually start heating from the EcoFlow App while your battery discharges. Battery heating will automatically stop when it achieves the optimal temperature.

Advanced Battery Management System

Designed with durability in mind, these batteries are built to last years of heavy duty use. We put safety first, too. Our advanced battery management system regulates voltage, current and temperature in real time to ensure safe and optimal performance.

Simple Parallel Connecting

Connect up to three EcoFlow LFP Batteries to the Power Hub at once. Our specifically designed Battery Power Cable allows paralleled batteries to communicate with each other, maintaining safety and performance.

Multiple Mounting Options

The mountins options have designed to be both secure and space saving. Batteries can be stacked vertically, or horizontally using mounting straps, brackets or clamps provided. 


    Capacity 2048Wh (51.2V, 40Ah)
    Cell Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate
    Cycle Life ~3000 Cycles up to 80% Capacity
    Operating Temperature -20°C - 60°C
    Dimension 28.4 x 34.8 x 19.8cm (Height x Width x Depth)
    Net Weight 16.8kg
    Protection Level IP54
    Tests & Certifications CE, UL, FCC, IC, UN38.3, EMC Class B

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