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CPP 120w Folding Solar Panel (SALE)

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The CPP 120w folding panel offers class leading value for a highly efficient and durable folding solar panel. CPP is proud to bring top of the range Sunpower solar cells to the portable solar market. Plug and play with Ecoflow Power Stations or choose a standard Anderson connector, or MC4, for charging other battery systems.

With an efficiency rating of 22.6% thanks to A grade monocrystalline Sunpower cells this is the ideal panel to charge your portable power solutions.

Folds into a carry case weighing just 2.7kg. Folding legs allow for best orientation towards solar maximum. Eyletts surround the panel if tent pegs are required in high winds. 5m extension cable included.


1. Solar Charging: Use this folding panel for 12-24v battery system charging with a MPPT charge controller.

3. Power Station Charging: Plug the solar panel directly into a power station such as the Ecoflow Delta which has a built in MPPT 


    • 1 x CPP 120w Folding Panel
    • 1 x Parallel Wiring Harness MC4 (join two folding panels together for double output)
    • 1 x MC4 to XT60 adapter
    • Carrying Case

    CPP 120w Folding Solar Panel Electrical Specs:

    • Maximum Power: 120W
    • Open-Circuit Voltage: 24.64V
    • Voltage at Pmax:20.88V
    • Short Circuit Current: 10.71a
    • Current at Pmax (Imp): 6.32a
    • Cell Efficiency: 22.6%
    • Coating: EFTE
    • Output Power Tolerance: +/-3%
    • Operation Temperature: -10~60 degrees C

    CPP 120w Folding Panel General Specs:

    • Solar Cell: Sunpower Solar A grade monocrystalline cells
    • Number of Cells / Connections: 36(3x12) series connection
    • Unfolded Size: 1525x560x4mm
    • Folded Size: 560*440*15mm
    • Weight: 2.7kg
    • Waterproofing: IP65/IP67
    • Warranty: 12 months